"Patti Okun is a 'God sent'. An angel sent to help repair the scars left by life. I was at my wits end before I was fortunate enough to be guided to Patti. Life had been a long rocky uphill road. I had gone from therapist to therapist to help stop my enabling which was destroying not only my son's life, but all those I love…..including mine. With Patti's help I am now on the path down that rocky road. I'm not running down the hill yet, nor am I close to the bottom but I see the light at the bottom. Had I not found Patti I only shutter to wonder if I would have ever found the path down that rocky hill? THANK YOU Patti from the bottom of my heart!!"
~ Linda
"I've been a patient of Patti Okun for about a year and I'm so glad I've found her. Through our sessions, I've learned a lot about my negative beliefs, why certain situations create challenges for me, how my childhood affects my present and so much more. Patti taught me how to use my body and breathing to help me ground myself, and release negative emotions. Thanks to her insightful approach, I've learned how to not be so hard on myself and how to better communicate with others."
~ Patrycja

8 Steps to Grounding

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What is Body-Mind Psychotherapy?

The Greek words Psyche: Mind, and Therapy: to Serve, joined with Soma: Body, create the concept of Body-Mind Psychotherapy. Body-Mind Psychotherapy maintains the belief that everything in the mind or psyche is also reflected in the body. Our work includes using mindfulness or sensory awareness to grow our ability to "witness" our entire being.

We believe that humans have the potential for learning and developing throughout our lifetimes. As we increase awareness of our emotions, body, mind, and energy, our capacity for change deepens. We experience more compassion and appreciation for our true "essence" or who we really are.

Therapy Sessions

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